GBS Fine Art

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Giles Baker-Smith has been working at the heart of the London art world continuously for well over 30 years, initially in the secondary market, specializing in nineteenth and twentieth century British and European painting, and, since 1992, focusing primarily on the contemporary sector. As founding director of the Blue Gallery, he has identified, nurtured and championed the work of a host of artists across a wide spectrum of media, many of whom have forged significant reputations. Today GBS Fine Art continues to offer a platform for artists, who, irrespective of fad and fashion, produce work of clarity, accomplishment and resonance.



GBS Fine Art:

– can source almost anything that passes as fine art from the medieval to the modern to the contemporary.

– can assist in the initiation and/or development of a coherent art collection.

– can purchase or sell at auction on a collector’s behalf or simply advise as to condition, value or auction strategy.

– can offer a comprehensive restoration and conservation service, working with a variety of experts appropriate to the medium.

– can advise on and undertake any sort of framing requirement from the modest to the more elaborate carved antique.

– can assist and facilitate the hanging or installation of any kind of artwork or collection.

– can undertake research on works of art or collections, as rigorous and comprehensive as required.

– can advise on insurance and probate valuations.

All these services are bespoke and chargeable as agreed in advance.

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