Susannah Baker-Smith

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British photographer Susannah Baker-Smith grew up in Wales and Amsterdam. After reading English at Cambridge she went on to travel and work in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In 2007/8 she studied at the Institute of Contemporary Photography (ICP) in New York and, on graduating, embarked upon a series of independent projects examining memory, in particular focusing on the way that our experience of the new is affected by memories of the past. The series Another Place has taken her to Syria, Rwanda, India, Sri Lanka and Beirut. More recently she has turned her camera to her more immediate surroundings; returning to an early fascination with Dutch still life paintings: Chaise Longue subjects the traditional objects of the genre to (perhaps) a more feminine gaze – intense observation and isolation of the familiar invites new layers of meaning which can be both playful and disconcerting. Interior is an ongoing series of intimate portraits of women, influenced by the Dutch artist Breitner – women alone, apparently oblivious of the emotional turbulence of life, adrift in reverie……

Seascape I, II, III

Archival pigment prints x 3

interior-yuriri copy 2

Interior (Yuriri)

Archival pigment print

Interior - yellow cushion small

Interior (Yellow cushion)

Archival pigment print


Another Place 14 (Throne Room, Hyderabad) 

Archival pigment print


Another place 5 (Shia)

Archival pigment print


Another place 7 (Hyderabad)

Archival pigment print

interior 2

Interior 2 (white)

Archival pigment print


Interior 21 (Blue)

Archival pigment print

botanic4(pink willow)

Botanic 4 (pink willow)

Archival pigment print


Botanic 7 (branch)

Archival pigment print


White Street 2

Archival pigment print