Summer Solstice – 24 Hour Film copy

Jeffrey Blondes

IMG_3750 copy

Gill Rocca studio 2016

Vidraru Dam Approach – Press Image copy

Richard John Seymour


GBS Fine Art Ltd is an independent fine art dealership and consultancy, operating largely in the contemporary sector.

We work with a number of artists, each of singular distinction within their chosen media, curating exhibitions and attending art fairs. We are constantly seeking to introduce and nuture new, or overlooked, talents from across the visual arts.

With extensive experience in the practice of the auction houses and the gallery system on both sides of the Atlantic, we are also able to offer a comprehensive list of services for those wary of the potential pitfalls of the secondary market.

Above all, whatever their requirements and interests, we take particular pride in offering all our clients and collectors a highly personal and customized service.